Spouses Without Borders: by spouses, for spouses:

“Accompanying spouse”, “trailing spouse”, call us what you want; we are the other half of the equation when Canadian government and private sector employees are assigned abroad.


In the spring of 2011, the concept of Spouses Without Borders (SWB) was formed along with a handful of like-minded spouses of career diplomats.  We saw an opportunity to help Canadian families posted abroad and help find solutions to some of the challenges faced by Canadian organizations.  Our mission is to help our members have positive and rewarding experiences when they are posted abroad and/or returning to Canada.

To this end, we established the following goals and objectives, to:

  • Create a forum where spouses can share & exchange ideas and information and learn from those spouses who have had similar experiences;
  • Identify and address issues and challenges faced by spouses, their families and their partners;
  • Seek solutions to new and long standing challenges faced by the spouses and the employees of organizations who post them abroad;
  • Advocate for policies and regulatory climate that allow our members to live overseas and not be penalized for not having a permanent and physical presence in Canada;
  • Stay relevant with current issues and to maintain a corporate memory to long standing and yet to be resolved challenges by building and maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders;
  • Build and promote the profile of our members career development by forming strategic partnerships, increasing awareness and projecting a professional image;
  • Be a recognized authority on spousal issues;
  • Build a strong communications platform for sharing information and exchanging ideas with our members, clients and stakeholders.

For the most part, SWB acts as a platform for advocacy and education.  Like most organizations, we draw upon the efforts and talents of our membership and we encourage like-minded groups and individuals to work together to achieve our goals.

We believe that an independent and self-financed organization can provide valuable support to organizations in both public and private sectors as well as to its membership.  SWB aims to build strong relationships with Canadian federal departments and organizations that advocate on behalf of their foreign assigned employees and their spouses.  By offering services that complement an organization’s existing support and by identifying and filling existing gaps, we believe SWB can produce positive and effective results.

Join us! Support those who support you

We welcome new members, spouses and the employees of the Government of Canada and private sector organizations.  We can be found at www.spouseswithoutborders.org,  info@spouseswithoutborders.com and at our Facebook and LinkedIn groups: Spouses Without Borders.


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