SWB recently reached out to seek the Spouse bloggers, this page will cover ‘SpouseTales’ – some insight and thoughts around the globe as we venture on new beginnings.

“A Spouse Without Borders” – Embracing the world with Foreign Assignments

by Anthony Toffoli


“ExpatriateLife: News, tips and information for expatriate families”

by Judy Rickatson


“A Bear Abroad: The musings of a married, gay, American/Canadian living in Sweden”

by Jay Smidt


“Musings of a Business Engineer: habit forming ideas for success in the 21st century”

by Tim Ragan


“Portable Career Network: Portable Careers – Working or doing business from anywhere. Lifestyle Business – Any business established to enable and support a desired lifestyle”

by Jeff Porter


A graphic that summarises SWB’s global reach, which one are you?  Send us a note to introduce yourself and share some insight   info@spouseswithoutborders.com

Screen Shot 2013-04-27 at 9.29.51 AM


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