Past Events

SWB Coffee Morning
April 1, 2014
We would like to thank those who attended our April 1st SWB coffee morning. Our group consisted of a:

  • human development mentor & consultant who is a retired diplomat and former member of the Wold Bank Organization,
  • foreign born (China/UK) spouse who specializes in cross cultural training,
  • Canadian doctor who has followed his recently retired from CIDA wife on numerous overseas assignments, who was also in attendance,
  • mother of three young children who reinserted into her job at Air Canada after several postings,
  • spouse who has opted to stay back in Canada to launch her new company while her husband accepts an overseas assignment,
  • foreign born spouse who is in the process of acquiring his credentials to practice law in Canada,
  • DFATD employee who is pregnant with her 2nd child and about to go on a posting with her DFATD employee partner, and;
  • spouse who has lived most of her life overseas who has recently been accepted into a university programme
  • and finally, three of our SWB founders.

This being our first coffee morning, much of the discussion was focused around how SWB has evolved from when we first approached DFATD with the idea of a pilot project 2 years ago.  It was however, agreed unanimously that this should not be the focus of discussion for future coffee mornings.  The purpose of these coffee mornings is to welcome new and existing members to meet, share and exchange information and experiences of living overseas and/or returning or arriving to Canada for the first time.  The goal of SWB is to create a community that belongs to spouses outside of the organizations that their partners work for.  We hope that topics of conversation will range from: having a baby oversea, career development, raising TCKs, health care, property management, income tax issues, depression, legal matters, diplomatic status, hiring and managing domestic staff while overseas, importing/exporting personal vehicles, insurance for possessions, travelling with family pets and much, much more… !

National Career Development Conference
January 20, 2014

This past January, SWB co-founder, Anthony Toffoli, was invited to speak at the National Career Development Conference by Colleen Reichrath-Smith, co-author of the 4thedition of the guide:  and Dr. Roberta Neault, President of

In our presentation, “the Age of the Global Careerist”, I shared some of the challenges and successes I have experienced as an “accompanying spouse”. 


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