CCI event: “Branding the Authentic You”

After years as an accompanying spouse, I have come to realize that one of the biggest challenges for many spouses, is the ability to identify “who we are” and “what we do”…

This “branding” is important for spouses on a career search or for those who decide to focus on raising their family, developing new skills, furthering education or exploring new worlds during their time overseas. The goal needs to be to help empower individuals with a sense of purpose and value so that they too will find satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment while posted in another country.

Several months ago, Spouses Without Borders (SWB) teamed up with Career Coaches International (CCI) to offer our free webinar, “Creating a flexible career for the accompanying spouse”. You can find the recorded webinar here: .

Tim Ragan of CCI presented an excellent summary of his effective approach to career development for foreign assignments. We are very encouraged by the interest and attendance of this first SWB webinar and by the numerous positive comments we received.

One of the key points Tim made in his presentation was “Branding”.

On July 24th, 2013, Tim, and his team at CCI will host an event “Branding the Authentic You” workshop in Ottawa. For details visit

Thank you!
Anthony Toffoli
on behalf of Spouses Without Borders/Conjoint Sans Frontière

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