SWB Goals & Objectives

  • create a forum where spouses can share and exchange ideas and information and learn from those spouses who have had similar experiences;

  • identify and address issues and challenges faced by spouses, their families and their partners;

  • seek solutions to new and long-standing challenges faced by the spouses and the employees of organizations who post them abroad;

  • advocate for policies and regulatory climate that allow our members to live overseas and not be penalized for not having a permanent and physical presence in Canada;

  • stay relevant with current issues and to maintain a corporate memory to long standing and yet to be resolved challenges by building and maintaining a healthy and mutually beneficial relationship with all stakeholders;

  • build and promote the profile of our member’s career development by forming strategic partnerships, increasing awareness and projecting a professional image;

  • be a recognized authority on spousal issues;

  • build a strong communications platform for sharing information and exchanging ideas with our members, clients and stakeholders.