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Spouses Without Borders – The personal aspects of living overseas as an accompanying partner

As part of our educational series of on-line presentations, in this next installment, Spouses Without Borders faces  the stresses we encounter in “The personal aspects of living overseas as an accompanying partner”.  At a recent coffee morning, we sat down with Ottawa based psychotherapist, Cathy Lumsden to discuss some of the issues our community face.
There is so much more to learn and to share.  Let us know what you think.  Send your comments, questions and ideas to info@spouseswithoutborders.com


LinkedIn – Your Global Introduction Starts Here

Spouses Without Borders is developing a series of webinars in support of our community. We are grateful to people like Len Fardella of Peter’s New Jobs to share with us, his knowledge and expertise in the effective use and benefits of LinkedIn.

Our Spouses Without Borders LinkedIn forum is created specifically for our community; those of us seeking employment and business opportunities.

Linkedin has established itself as the defacto global online business networking tool of choice. For accompanying spouses, Linkedin provides a powerful way for you to introduce yourself as someone with a background and history independent of your spouse wherever you travel. However, beyond a simple introduction, by understanding how people scan through a Linkedin profile, you can influence their online first impressions of you, much the same way as we do during face to face introductions. And once you are comfortable with Linkedin as your introduction tool, we will look at how to use it to expand your business and personal network. Oh yes, irrespective of this online hi tech approach, there remains one decidedly old school approach that brings this all together.

About our presenter: Len Fardella is a veteran of the Ottawa, Canada hi tech industry having worked with 9 companies over the last 30 years ranging from  large national organizations to small start ups and finally, his own company. An engineer by training, he made his first career change at graduation deciding to move away from pure engineering to the dark arts of product management and eventually, marketing. He considers himself an accidental entrepreneur having ended up where he is now purely by happenstance. For the last 8 years he has been running Peter’s New Jobs with his spouse (yes, they work together and are still married) focused on job search services and the growing opportunity for job seekers to better control and manage their online presence.

Creating a flexible career for the accompanying spouse for overseas assignments and in Canada

View a recorded version of the webinar. Accompanying presentation

A big thank you to Tim Ragan of Career Coaching International for his involvement in making this event a success.

The response we received was more than what we had hoped for and we appreciate your kind words of support. Judging by your enthusiastic participation and the multitude of comments we continue to receive, we know that SWB is on the right track! As mentioned in the webinar presentation, although SWB’s primary focus is Canada, we are very pleased that spouses from other nations participated in this event. When it comes to Career Development issues, we believe in a cooperative and collaborative approach with spouses of all nations.

Many of you have asked for a copy of the webinar. We are happy to tell you that we did record the 1 hour and 20 minute session and we do plan to share and make it available to you (see link above) . For our friends in the Ottawa/Gatineau (Canada) area, we are planning a networking event in Ottawa on the week of February 11th, details will be shared on our LinkedIn SWB group notice board. We will be broadcasting the webinar at this live event.

I encourage you to check out the Career Coaching International newsletters and contact Tim for your career development questions at tragan@ccinternational.ca. CCI is offering a 10% discount to members of SWB.

Gareth Jones, our presenter in Sydney Australia and Anthony Toffoli, along with a handful of other Canadian spouses, started SWB just under a year ago. We have been researching and meeting with organizations to determine our direction. We are very encouraged by the support we have received, not only from spouses. We have received support from the foreign assigned employees, the organizations responsible for the postings and companies like CCI who can provide a service to benefit our members. Over the coming months, we will be sharing our strategies with you.


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